What Must The Cubs do in Order to Repeat Their 2016 Season


In order for the Chicago Cubs to have a season like they did in 2016, they would have to stay healthy for the entire season; I know that’s easier said than done. It is totally impossible for a team to go injury free for a whole season. I was shocked by the amount of times players were on the disabled list last year, and there were a few Cubs super star that found their way on to the disabled lists last season which wasn’t really good. Specially one star player found his way on to the disabled list more than any other, and that star player was none other than Kris Bryant.

Last season, Kris Bryant suffered many injuries, but the one that placed him on the disabled list was his shoulder injury. Bryant’s shoulder injury kept him on the disabled list for sometime; this one big factor hurt the Cubs last season. The way Bryant injured his shoulder might have been triggered by spending too much time in the batting cages. Here is a video of Bryant explaining the injury that placed him on the disabled list last season.

Kris Bryant and other members of the Chicago Cubs were not batting very well last season thanks to Chili Davis. For all those who don’t know who Chili Davis is, he was the Cubs’s hitting coach last season; he didn’t see eye to eye with Bryant or Rizzo when it came to hitting, which they were okay with. At the end of season, the Cubs decided to let Chili Davis go because he just wasn’t clicking well with the players.

During the off season, the Cubs hired a new hitting coach for the 2019 season, and his name is Anthony Lapoce. He was formerly the hitting coach for the Rangers. Now it’s his time to get the best from these Cubs bats this season.

What does a new hitting coach and a healthy Kris Bryant mean for the Cubs this season?

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