Addison Russell Days As A Cub Are Numbered.

I know you’re probably all asking right now ‘how is Russell and his wife getting a divorce bad?’ Let me just say that what Russell did to her is what drove them apart. Last year Russell’s now ex – wife Melisa Reidy-Russell linked a blog post to her Instagram, and the post talks about years of domestic abuse at the hands of an unnamed ex-husband. For all who haven’t read her blog post yet, it is a must read (just a heads up, it’s a bit graphic).

Cubs fans It’s only a matter of time until we say farewell to Addison Russell. If you’re asking yourself why his days as a Cub are numbered, the answer is going to leave you speechless. For the last two years, Russell has had a big spotlight on him, and it’s not a good one I might add. His life took a complete nose dive in June of 2017 when he and his wife Melisa separated.

Cubs fans aren’t really happy that Russell will be in a Cubs jersey to start the 2019 season. January 10th fans came together, and made a Go Fund Me account to convince the Cubs to do the right thing. Cubs fans also can’t believe that he got tendered a contract in November. Russell is due to miss the first month of this season due to his suspension for domestic abuse.

Hopefully, the Cubs make the right decision because they are not sitting pretty keeping Russell on the team.

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